Frequently Asked Questions

What are the eligibility rules for my dependents?
MEDICAL: Dependents are covered through the end of the month they turn age 26, regardless of student or marital status.

DENTAL: Dependents are covered through December 31st of the year they turn 19 or through December 31 of the year they turn age 24 if they are continuous full-time students.

Once a year SEBF will send out letters to members that have dependents between the ages of 19-24 requesting updated student status. If these forms are not returned to SEBF in a timely manner, it may result in the termination of your dependent(s) coverage.
What is my group number?
Does my physician Participate in the Excellus BCBS network?
How do I submit a dental claim?
If you are wondering whether the physician you currently see participates or you are looking for a new provider, Log on to Click on the "find a doctor" link.
SEBF does not use group numbers for Dental or Optical coverage.

The group number for your medical coverage through Excellus is 00113162.
You may mail your dental claims to the Service Employees Benefit Fund at PO Box 1240, Syracuse, NY 13201.
How do I request a new ID card?
Prescription: Log onto   

Dental: Contact the Fund directly at (315) 218-6513 or toll free       (855) 835-9720 or email us at

Optical: Does not require an ID card.
How do I find a participating dentist in my area?
To find a participating dental provider click on the Benefits tab, under the Participating Dental Providers heading, click on the list for your area.
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