SEBF provides a death benefit for eligible active members. The benefit and the amount must be bargained into your collective bargaining agreement to be eligible.

The death benefit is paid directly from the Fund and is payable to your named beneficiary if you die while eligible for these benefits.
SEBF also provides a dependent death benefit of $1,000 if negotiated into the collective bargaining agreement. A dependent can include a spouse, domestic partner, or dependent child.
Make sure your beneficiaries are up to date!

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Death Benefit
Click on the link below to print a Beneficiary Designation form to complete and return to:
Service Employees Benefit Fund, PO Box 1240, Syracuse NY 13201 or fax it to (315) 701-0686
Death Benefits
Your eligibility terms for SEBF benefits are set forth in your collective bargaining agreement or participation agreement that applies to your employment. The following is information regarding the SEBF death benefit.
Death Benefit Outline
Beneficiary Designation Form